Nespresso Christmas Tree

Special recipe for Christmas :

Ingredients :

240 Nespresso tubes
1 curtain rod
Few planks
Some scotch
1 computer
1 Rapsberry Pi
1 fairy lights

Directions :

– Put few geeks in a room
– Leave a paperboard and some pens
– Dispose carefully each ingredient on a table
– Give the computer and the Rapsberry to the one who seems to be the most clever

Let them together for few hours and the result of this recipe will be very amazing!!

We try it and here is what we discovered…..

A totally original Christmas Tree made with 240 Nespresso tubes with a fairy lights managed through voice command!!

Thanks to:
Nespresso :
Raspberry PI :
S.A.R.A.H. :
DX :
BricoDepot :

Let’s see the video demonstration and like the Facebook Page :


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